Ripple (XRP) price prediction 2021

Ripple (XRP) often makes the news. It’s traded a lot on a daily basis and its value has increased significantly in recent years. What can we expect from Ripple (XRP) in 2021?

The difference between Ripple and XRP

But wait. First we need to explain something about Ripple and XRP. ‘Ripple’ is the name of the company behind the digital coin called ‘XRP’. The terms are used interchangeably, but now you know there’s actually a difference! Now, back to our expectations.

With XRP, Ripple wants to achieve something other than bitcoin. Ripple is explicitly looking for cooperation with financial institutions, such as banks and international payment processors. Ripple wants to set a standard for lightning-fast international payments, using XRP.

So Ripple’s approach is different than Bitcoin’s. Bitcoin in itself is an alternative to the ‘old’ financial system. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested. On the contrary! Many investors see a bright future for Ripple and XRP.

XRP moves along with bitcoin

Since the crean of XRP in 2012, the price has evolved considerably. In 2013, XRP’s price rose from 0.001 euro to 0.04 euro. Maybe that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s an increase of 3,900 percent!

But things went particularly fast in 2017... XRP’s price shot up, from less than 0.01 euros to the amazing high of 2.82 euros. An enormous increase of over 28,000 percent! XRP largely benefits from the price movements of bitcoin.

XRP rises the most when bitcoin is in a rising trend as well. Many analysts have high expectations for bitcoin in 2020 and 2021. This positive sentiment may very well influence XRP. We also expect XRP to benefit from the price development of bitcoin in 2021. But does that mean the peak of 2.82 euros will be surpassed in 2021? Who knows!

The news is also important

XRP was developed by Ripple. The developments around Ripple as a company therefore also influence the price of XRP. In that way you can compare XRP with a stock. For example, if there is good news about Apple, the Apple shares are also rising.

That's how it works with XRP. More than 200 banks and financial institutions are connected to RippleNet. That's Ripple's global payment network. Will there be new collaborations in 2021? Or is Ripple launching a new product? If so, it could have a major impact on the price development.
And that may seem too simple to be true, but it has happened before:

  • In September 2018, Ripple launched xRapid, a product that uses XRP. Following the launch, the price increased heavily.

  • In June 2019, Ripple closed a partnership with payment processor Moneygram. The price reacted immediately with a price increase of nine percent.


Our crystal ball is broken, so we can't know with which companies Ripple will collaborate in 2021. But what we do know is that Ripple is very active in creating collaborations, so there may just be some surprises coming our way.

Competition for Ripple?

There's a reason our crystal ball looks a little cloudy... There are parties who have the same ideas as Ripple. Think of JP Morgan Coin. The big U.S. bank JP Morgan wants to issue its own crypto coin. And that's a coin with the same purpose as XRP, namely creating a digital currency that makes international bank transactions easier.

There are other initiatives, such as Libra by Facebook. Once this enters the market and is regulated by national governments, Ripple and XRP may become superfluous. Facebook has a much larger reach, billions of people use it.

But the community behind Ripple doesn't expect any problems. They hope to see mass adoption by banks, and regularly tweet with the hashtag #XRPtheStandard. Will XRP become the standard though? That remains to be seen.

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As you can read above, the future of Ripple depends on several factors. Is the bitcoin price going up, or is Ripple announcing a new product or collaboration? Then we expect to see the XRP price increase.

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