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Bancor: everything you need to know about BNT

Axel van den Boogaard

Axel has been immersing himself in the world of crypto and blockchain for quite some time, which he then translates into understandable articles.

Bancor facts






Eyal Herzog, Guy Benartzi, Galia Benartzi,


Ethereum, EOS


Proof of Stake

Launch date

June 2017

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What is Bancor?

Bancor (BNT) is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and a platform for creating tradable tokens. Users can exchange tokens here without the need for an intermediary or central party. 

Bancor is built on both the Ethereum and EOS blockchains and uses smart contracts to facilitate the trading of various ERC-20 tokens. Bancor offers a unique opportunity to trade tokens at a price automatically determined by the protocol, known as the Bancor Formula. Bancor aspires to replace traditional exchanges by providing a more democratic and accessible exchange to users worldwide.

How does Bancor work?

Bancor is a decentralized exchange with unique features that set it apart from other trading protocols and exchanges. Firstly, Bancor automatically determines token prices through the Bancor Formula, eliminating the need for a central exchange or intermediary. This enables users to buy or sell tokens at any time, regardless of the number of sellers or buyers in the market. Bancor also leverages the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring a secure platform protected against hackers. 

On Bancor, users can trade various ERC-20 tokens without an intermediary or mediator. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, providing an accessible interface for token trading, even for non-technical users. Additionally, Bancor allows users to create liquidity pools, enabling them to stake tokens and earn rewards for providing liquidity to the exchange. 

Thanks to these features, Bancor offers an innovative solution for token trading, leading to a growing user base and broad acceptance of the platform. 

The BNT token

The Bancor Network Token, BNT, serves as the native token of the Bancor exchange platform. Bancor's token economy is designed to enhance liquidity and accessibility on the platform. BNT offers several benefits to its users, including the ability to create liquidity pools, discounts on transaction fees, and participation in decision-making processes within the platform. 

The Bancor Formula, which governs the automatic token pricing on the platform, also relies on BNT. When trading tokens, BNT is used as a kind of automatic intermediary to determine prices and ensure liquidity for tokens on the platform. This allows users to continue exchanging tokens even when there are few sellers or buyers in the market, an advantage compared to traditional exchanges. 

Bancor also regularly offers buyback and burn programs for BNT. In these programs, the company repurchases BNT and burns it to increase the token's value. This allows BNT holders to benefit from the platform's growth while continuing to support it. 

The Technology Behind BNT

Bancor is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It utilizes smart contracts, which are programmed to operate automatically according to specific rules and conditions. The Bancor Formula, which governs the automatic token pricing on the platform, is one such smart contract. The formula uses BNT as an intermediary to determine token prices and ensure liquidity on the platform. 

Bancor offers users the ability to create liquidity pools, which are funds for depositing or lending assets. These pools are also smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and are fully transparent and independent.

The Bancor ecosystem

he Bancor ecosystem consists of several components, including the Bancor exchange, liquidity pools, the Bancor Formula, and the Bancor Network Token (BNT). 

The Bancor exchange is the primary component of the Bancor ecosystem. It enables users to trade ERC-20 tokens without the need for an intermediary or mediator. Liquidity pools ensure the liquidity of the platform and allow users to stake tokens and generate income from the assets they provide. 

The Bancor Formula is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain used to determine token prices automatically. 

BNT serves as the native token or "home currency" of the Bancor ecosystem and is used as an intermediary for the automatic pricing of other tokens on the platform. BNT is also used as a staking token. 


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Benefits of Bancor

Bancor is an innovative blockchain protocol that offers a wide range of benefits. Why do investors choose BNT? 

  • Automated Liquidity: Bancor enables token conversions without the need for a counterparty, providing a reliable source of liquidity for the ecosystem. 
  • Low Transaction Costs: Bancor's smart contract-based pricing models significantly reduce trading costs, making it an attractive option for investors. 
  • Security: Bancor's decentralized network adds an extra layer of security, protecting users from malicious actors. 
  • User-Friendly: Bancor's intuitive user interface makes the platform accessible and user-friendly. 

Drawbacks of Bancor

Bancor is an innovative DeFi platform, but it also has its disadvantages. What should investors be aware of? 

  • Low Transaction Speed: Bancor is limited in transaction speed compared to other crypto exchanges. 
  • Security: Bancor has experienced security issues in the past, reducing trust in the platform. 
  • Complex Fee Structure: Bancor has a complex fee structure that can be confusing for users. 

Who is the founder of Bancor?

The founders of Bancor are Eyal Herzog, Guy Benartzi, and Galia Benartzi, visionaries in the blockchain industry. They are renowned for developing the Bancor protocol, which revolutionized the way digital tokens are exchanged. 

Collectively, they have extensive experience in economics, software engineering, and blockchain technology. With the Bancor protocol, they created an ecosystem that supports the growth and stability of the DeFi industry.

Price forecasts

In 2026 experts expect a minimal price of €2.16 and a minimal price of €7.14 in 2031.

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