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BLOX introduces: return on your coins

Make extra money on your crypto?

Earn up to 7,5% annually in returns at BLOX. Choose Cardano, Polkadot and Solana for example. Who said crypto was difficult? 

Return on your coins with crypto staking

With crypto staking you get a return on your crypto holdings, without having to sell them. You lend your coins to support the operation of the blockchain. In exchange, you earn a few percent return.

How much can you earn at BLOX?

A savings account at the bank still yields very little interest. It can be different! From crypto staking you can often get more return than from a savings account. Of course this depends on the exchange rate, your own coin balance and the staking return that comes with the coin.

You earn up to 7,5% return on the crypto coins you own and stake in BLOX. Your return is paid out in the respective coin and automatically added to your balance. It is then added to the next weekly round. You will therefore benefit from interest on interest.

Your yield per coins

See what you can earn below! You will receive a piece of this annual return every week.

Please note that the rates of return are affected by foreseen and unforeseen market conditions and may change periodically.

Reward (annually)

This is how crypto works at BLOX!

Crypto staking at BLOX are easily done through the BLOX trading app or the web application. Go to the 'Staking' tab, and go through the explanation and risks carefully. After this you will enter the menu for staking.

In the staking menu you can see all coins in your possession that can be staked. You can turn staking on or off per coin at any time. Have you activated staking? Then all your credit will be used for this purpose without you having to lose it. At BLOX, your coins are not 'locked' (as they are at exchanges) and you can continue to trade them at any time as usual. The only thing that happens in that case is that the amount of your return changes along with the amount of your crypto holdings.

The return you earn on your crypto coins is paid out weekly on Monday. You can see the interest you earn per coin in the menu. That's easy money earned right?

The benefits of crypto staking

We understand that it can all sound a bit complicated. That's why we've summarized the benefits of crypto staking at BLOX:

  • Earn up to 15% return annually
  • Turn staking on or off at any time per coin
  • Your coins remain available to trade during staking
  • Your profits are paid out weekly in the app
  • Your return varies per coin and depends on your crypto holdings and the exchange rates

Start crypto staking at BLOX

Starting crypto staking at BLOX? You can do this at any time! Here's how it works:

  • Open BLOX (or download the app if you didn't already have it)
  • Go to the 'staking' tab. See which coins you can stake or tap 'continue'.
  • Read the brief explanation of the risks of staking carefully!
  • Tap 'read more' or continue to stake.
    Activate staking of your coins in the staking menu

Know what you're spending

Ready to stake your crypto? Then we'll repeat our most important advice: never invest more than you're willing to lose. Rates remain unpredictable and although you can make a lot of profit on crypto, you can also lose your deposit when rates fall. So always be careful with your money and read carefully before making a decision.

Also remember that annual rates of return are affected by current market conditions. This means that these rates may fluctuate.

What are the risks of crypto staking?

BLOX has carefully researched staking, the risks and how best and in the safest way to offer staking to its users. In doing so, BLOX has reduced the risks of staking as much as possible. However, staking is not entirely without risks. Read more about the risks here.

Frequently asked questions

How much you can earn with crypto staking depends entirely on your deposit and the cryptocurrency you choose. And the price of exchange rates can also affect your return. Therefore, always check in advance what your investment can yield in a given situation.

The big advantage of crypto strike at BLOX? With us, you don't have to have your coins fixed (which is common on crypto exchanges). So you can always access your crypto and can sell them whenever you want. You won't notice anything, except of course the weekly payment of your return.

Crypto strike is done safely at BLOX. You can sell your crypto at any time, even when you use staking. Money from your vault can only go to your bank account linked to it.

Activating crypto staking in the BLOX app is easy: open the app and go to the 'Staking' tab. Then click on each coin to activate staking for that coin. While doing so, carefully go through the accompanying information about crypto staking so that you are always well prepared!