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Trade secure and safe with BLOX

BLOX makes crypto accessible to everyone. We take care of the security of your coins. So you trade crypto safely, even without technical knowledge. Read how we do that.

In a nutshell:

  • Lost your password? No problem!
  • Link your bankaccount
  • Your coins remain safe

Do you already have some technical knowledge about crypto? Further down we explain how we secure your coins.

1. Lost your password? No problem!

You can probably imagine how this goes. You want to log in somewhere and suddenly you lose your password for a moment. Quite annoying! With a crypto wallet it can even be disastrous as you often cannot access your crypto's anymore.

You don't have to worry about this at BLOX. Simply choose the Forgot Password option when logging in, and we'll send you a link by email to reset your password. That way you'll always have access to your coins!

2. Link your bankaccount

Want to sell your cryptos and take some profit? Then you can only do so with a bank account in your name. This is for your own security. Even if someone else manages to crack your account, they won't be able to send profits to themselves. It will go directly to your bankaccount that's linked.

3. Your coins remain safe

All cryptos remain secure within BLOX. It is not possible to receive cryptos from external sources, or to send coins to another wallet. This is for your security. Does someone crack your account? Then they cannot send coins to themselves. To transfer your profit to yourself, you must first sell your coins. Then you can transfer your profits only to an account in your name.

How do we store your coins?

With great power comes great responsibility: securing cryptocurrencies is a huge responsibility. We take it extremely serious, which is why we apply the highest security standards. Below we briefly explain them to you.

Cold storage

The majority of all coins are stored cold storage. This means that the access (private keys) to all coins is created and stored offline. Therefore this access is not connected to the Internet, making it virtually inaccessible to hackers.

Multiple people and locations

In addition we use a combination of multisignature setup and geographic distribution of assets. In other words: we can only move coins with the permission of multiple people in multiple locations.

These measures ensure that you can always use BLOX with peace of mind. Do you have any further questions? Feel free to ask them!