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Chiliz: everything you need to know about CHZ

Axel van den Boogaard

Axel has been immersing himself in the world of crypto and blockchain for quite some time, which he then translates into understandable articles.

Chiliz facts






Alexandre Dreyfus




Proof of Authority

Launch date

October 2018

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What is Chiliz?

Chiliz is a blockchain company that provides a platform for fandom marketing and fan engagement. On this platform, users can earn and spend tokens in exchange for access to exclusive fan experiences and merchandise. 

CHZ is the native token of Chiliz and serves as the primary currency for transactions on the platform. Chiliz was designed with the idea of bridging the gap between fans and their favorite entertainment icons by enabling direct communication and interaction between these two groups. 

How does Chiliz work?

Chiliz operates as a fan engagement blockchain platform where users can have direct interactions with their favorite stars and icons. This provides them access to exclusive fan events and merchandise and allows them to participate in polls and votes. 

The Chiliz platform facilitates various applications and features, including social media-like chatbots, fan polls, Q&A sessions, merchandise sales, and virtual meet-and-greets. Users can engage with the Chiliz platform through the Chiliz app or on the Chiliz blockchain. They can also earn CHZ through various activities on the platform, such as polls and votes. These tokens can then be spent to access fan events and merchandise. 

Furthermore, Chiliz focuses on developing a decentralized self-governing platform to make platform management transparent and fair. It supports multiple other blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Chain, enhancing the accessibility of the Chiliz platform.

The CHZ token

The CHZ token is the native token of Chiliz and serves as the primary currency for transactions on the platform. Users earn CHZ by participating in activities on the platform, such as polls, votes, and other fan-centric activities. These tokens can then be spent to access virtual meet-and-greets with sports and entertainment icons, special events, and merchandise. This incentivizes user engagement, potentially increasing the value of CHZ. 

Additionally, CHZ is used as a means to invest in the growth of the Chiliz platform and the entertainment industry as a whole. With a decentralized self-governing platform and partnerships with well-known entertainment icons, Chiliz aims to increase the value of CHZ for its investors.

The Technology Behind CHZ

The technology behind CHZ is built to provide users with direct interaction and communication with their favorite entertainment icons. Chiliz's blockchain operates on a Proof of Authority consensus protocol using an Ethereum-based mechanism. The platform works on multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum and Binance Chain, allowing CHZ to be used on various blockchain platforms for fast and efficient transactions. 

Moreover, Chiliz focuses on establishing a decentralized self-governing platform, which means that decisions regarding the platform's future direction and development are made by the community. This makes platform management more transparent and fair. 

On the technical side, Chiliz offers a user-friendly interface that enables easy interaction between celebrities and users. The platform also incorporates various security measures and features to ensure secure and reliable transactions and to prevent fraud on the platform. 

The Chiliz ecosystem

The Chiliz ecosystem aims to enhance the fan experience by enabling fans to directly communicate and interact with their favorite celebrities. The platform offers a range of applications and features, including access to exclusive fan experiences, merchandise purchases, voting rights, participation in polls, and more. 

The Chiliz ecosystem comprises several key components, including: 

  • The Chiliz platform: the primary platform where users can earn, spend, and use CHZ for various purposes. 
  • The CHZ token: the platform's native token and primary currency for transactions. 
  • Partnerships with entertainment brands: Chiliz collaborates with well-known brands and celebrities to help them improve fan engagement. 
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): a decentralized self-governing platform where decisions regarding the platform's future are made by the community. 
  • Users: the ecosystem actively involves users in the platform, allowing them to earn, spend, and use CHZ. 


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Benefits of Chiliz

Chiliz offers a variety of advantages that make it an attractive investment opportunity. Why do investors choose CHZ? 

  • Access to Fan Token offerings at reduced prices. 
  • Low transaction fees. 
  • Advanced security protocols. 
  • User-friendly. 
  • Strong partnerships with well-known (sports) brands and companies.

Drawbacks of Chiliz

Despite its advantages, Chiliz also faces some disadvantages. What should you consider when investing in CHZ? 

  • Limited applicability outside of sports and entertainment. 
  • Uncertainty regarding regulations related to platform activities. 
  • High price volatility. 
  • Relatively low platform liquidity. 
  • Tradable on relatively few exchanges.

Who is the founder of Chiliz?

The founder of Chiliz is Alexandre Dreyfus. He began his career in the financial sector and has since achieved success in the cryptocurrency space. Since the inception of Chiliz and its original token CHZ in 2018, he played a significant role in driving innovation and new experiences with digital currency. Alexandre is committed to creating new opportunities for users to connect with their favorite sports and entertainment brands. His passion and vision have been fundamental in the growth and success of Chiliz and its token CHZ.

Price forecasts

In 2026 experts expect a minimal price of €0.2100 and a minimal price of €0.7100 in 2031.

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24h volume

€74.8 million


€615.6 million

CHZ in circulation

8.9 billion

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