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SingularityNET: everyting you need to know about AGIX

Axel van den Boogaard

Axel has been immersing himself in the world of crypto and blockchain for quite some time, which he then translates into understandable articles.

SingularityNET facts




AI staat voor Kunstmatige Intelligentie en verwijst naar machines die in staat zijn taken uit te voeren die normaal gesproken menselijke intelligentie vereisen.


Dr. Ben Goertzel, Simone Giacomelli, and Dr. David Hanson




ERC-20 token

Launch date

December 2017

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What is SingularityNET?

SingularityNET is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform for artificial intelligence (AI). It enables everyone to create, share, and monetize AI services through a globally accessible AI marketplace. SingularityNET aims to become the knowledge layer of the internet and lays the foundation for future advanced general intelligence (AGI).

How does SingularityNET work?

SingularityNET offers an AI marketplace where users can buy and sell AI services and solutions. The platform also provides AI-as-a-Service, developer tools, research, and governance in AI. Users and developers can use AGIX tokens to perform transactions on the platform.

The AGIX token

AGIX is the native utility token of SingularityNET, originally launched as AGI. It has a maximum supply of 2 billion units, of which approximately 1.2 billion are already in circulation (March 2023). AGIX is used for transactions on the platform and in governance.

The technology behind AGIX

SingularityNET uses blockchain technology for transparency and automated transactions within the platform. It also integrates with OpenCog, an open-source AI framework, and collaborates with Cardano for blockchain interoperability.

The SingularityNET ecosystem

The ecosystem includes tools such as Sophia, an AI robot developed by Hanson Robotics, and various projects like NuNet and SingularityDAO, which help in creating and implementing AI services and managing AGIX tokens.


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Benefits of SingularityNET

  • Democratizes access to AI technologies.
  • Provides a platform for the sale of AI algorithms and models.
  • Supports various AI applications through an extensive community

Disadvantages of SingularityNET.

  • Confronts competition from other AI blockchain companies.
  • The complexity of managing a decentralized AI network.

Who is the founder of SingularityNET?

SingularityNET was founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, along with Simone Giacomelli and Dr. David Hanson. Dr. Goertzel is a prominent figure in the AI and robotics industry, while Dr. Hanson is known for his work in the robotics industry, including founding Hanson Robotics.

Expectations for the near future

In 2026, experts expect a minimum price of €1.50 and a minimum price of €4.95 in 2031.

SingularityNET price in the last 24 hours

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24h change

Market information

Use these figures to get a better picture of the SingularityNET market.

24h volume

€128.5 million


€659.7 million

SingularityNET in circulation

1.3 billion

All time high


SingularityNET Return On Investment

See how much the price has risen or fallen over the years.

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Historical SingularityNET price

Here you can see SingularityNET's daily prices, trading volume and market cap. Looking for a specific date? You can fill in the range all you want. Maybe you'll spot the one trend!


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Frequently asked questions

SingularityNET doesn't have a fixed value because the exchange rate is always in motion. Whenever you get distracted or even blink, it has already changed. Right now, the value of SingularityNET is €0.4451.

You can easily buy SingularityNET on BLOX! Quickly download the app, and within two minutes, you'll have your own crypto portfolio with SingularityNET and your other favorite coins.

So much is happening in the crypto market that it's sometimes difficult to stay continuously informed. That's why we've already taken a look at the expectations for you. According to experts, the value of AGIX is expected to continue rising steadily in the coming years. For instance, the price of SingularityNET is predicted to reach €1.32.

We don't have a crystal ball either, so it's up to you to decide whether you want to invest in AGIX. We can only recommend once again that you thoroughly research the market and only invest what you're willing to lose.

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