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Yearn Finance

Yearn Finance: everything you need to know about YFI

Axel van den Boogaard

Axel has been immersing himself in the world of crypto and blockchain for quite some time, which he then translates into understandable articles.

Yearn Finance facts






Andre Cronje




Automatic market makers (AMM)

Launch date

July 2020

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What is Yearn Finance?

Yearn Finance, also known as yEarn.finance, is a cryptocurrency with YFI as its native token. The platform is designed as a decentralized, open-source investment fund for cryptocurrency holders. The project's goal? To make it easier for crypto asset holders to earn long-term profits using a simple and automated investment process.

Yearn Finance utilizes complex algorithms and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol allows users to automatically trade various cryptocurrencies and profit from the best yields available in the market.

How does Yearn Finance work?

Yearn Finance is a financial platform designed to help users maximize their returns on decentralized financial products. The platform employs automated asset management strategies while aiming to minimize risks for users. YFI token holders have a say in decision-making and platform development. The objective of Yearn Finance is to make DeFi more accessible to a broader audience and provide a straightforward, secure, and profitable way to invest in this rapidly growing sector of the crypto market.

The YFI token

The YFI token supports decentralized financial (DeFi) services on the platform and encourages participation in these services. The YFI token is the native token of the Yearn Finance ecosystem and serves various functions. It is used for governing the community and financing the project's development.

Additionally, the YFI token is used as collateral for Yearn Finance Vaults, where users can deposit their cryptocurrencies to earn yields through yield farming strategies. The earned yields from these Vaults are distributed among YFI token holders.

YFI tokens are limited to a total supply of 30,000, and they are earned by contributing to the Yearn Finance ecosystem, ensuring the token remains scarce and in demand.

The technology behind YFI

The technology behind YFI is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows smart contracts to integrate with various DeFi protocols. It is a platform designed to automate the management of DeFi services. The technology behind Yearn Finance comprises several components, including smart contracts, protocols, and interfaces.

Smart contracts: Smart contracts enable the platform to perform various functions, such as automated fund management, yield optimization, and finding the best liquidity options. Yearn Finance's smart contract is programmed in the Solidity programming language, a well-known and widely used language for blockchain development. It also utilizes various DeFi protocols, including Compound, Aave, and Curve, to offer users the best possible yields.

Interface: Yearn Finance employs various interfaces, including the web interface, a mobile app, and wallets, to provide users with easy access to the platform. The platform also integrates with several other DeFi protocols and dApps, including Uniswap, Balancer, and Chainlink. Together, the technical design of Yearn Finance ensures a seamless and automated experience when managing DeFi assets.

The Yearn Finance ecosystem

The Yearn Finance ecosystem consists of several components, working together to create a DeFi platform focused on maximizing returns for its users. What are the key components of the Yearn Finance ecosystem?

  • Vaults: Smart contracts that execute automated strategies to achieve the best yields for deposited tokens. Users deposit tokens into these Vaults and receive 'yTokens' in return, which can be used to reclaim the deposited amount and the generated interest.
  • Governance: The Yearn Finance ecosystem is decentralized and governed by YFI token holders. They can propose and vote on changes to the protocol, such as adding new Vaults or altering interest rates.
  • Yield Aggregator: A tool that helps users find the best yields for their tokens. The tool can compare interest rates from various DeFi platforms and automatically invest in the most profitable options.
  • Stable Credit: A platform designed to increase the liquidity of stablecoins by creating a marketplace where users can lend and borrow stablecoins. Interest rates are determined by the market.


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Benefits of Yearn Finance

What are the benefits of Yearn Finance that attract investors to the platform?

  • Industry leader in DeFi.
  • Extensive integration with other protocols.
  • Numerous DeFi options and high yields.
  • High degree of automation.
  • Broad global adoption.

Drawbacks of Yearn Finance

What drawbacks of Yearn Finance should investors on the platform be aware of?

  • Complexity may deter non-technical users.
  • The maximum token supply has been reached, which adds nothing to the scarcity of the token.
  • High competitive pressure.

Who is the founder of Yearn Finance?

The founder of Yearn Finance is Andre Cronje, a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. He is the founder of this popular DeFi project and has built a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically skilled developers in the industry.

Cronje began his career as a software developer and transferred his knowledge and experience in the financial sector to the blockchain world. His vision is to decentralize the financial sector and make it accessible to everyone. Over the years, he has been involved in various groundbreaking projects in the DeFi and blockchain technology space.

Price forecasts

In 2026 experts expect a minimal price of €21,367.75 and a minimal price of €70,633.76 in 2031.

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