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Receive up to 5% return on your crypto assets?

BLOX makes it possible

Let your crypto do the hard work

Don't want to depend solely on the exchange rate to grow your crypto porftolio? With Crypto Lending, it is possible to make returns on the crypto you own. Put your bitcoin, ether, tether or any of your other coins to work and enjoy the rewards.

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What is BLOX Lending?

With Lending, it is possible to make returns on your crypto by lending it out. As soon as you activate Lending, your coins will be lent to parties carefully selected by us. In return, you will receive a fee for your lent coins.

The coins you lend just remain available to trade. So they are not 'fixed'. This makes it possible to respond to price developments or other things that make you decide to sell your coins.

How much return can you earn with Lending

The return to be earned varies by coin. Currently, it is between 1.5-5% on an annual basis. How much you can earn in euros depends on your starting amount and the price development of the coin you lend. The return is paid out in the coin you lend out.

To make it even better, your return is paid out weekly and added to the balance you are already lending. This way, you will be able to make an even higher return on your starting amount in the long run.

Return per coin

Check out what you can earn per coin below! You will receive a piece of this annual return every week. When new coins are added for lending, you will find them below!

Please note that return rates are affected by foreseen and unforeseen market conditions and may change periodically.

Reward (annual)

Here's how crypto lending works at BLOX!

Crypto Lending at BLOX is easy to do via the BLOX app or the BLOX website. Go to the 'Earn' tab, and go through the explanations and risks carefully. After this, you will enter the menu for Lending.

In the Lending menu, you will see all the coins in your possession that you can lend out. You can switch Lending on or off at any time and per coin. Have you activated Lending? Then all coins available for Lending are used for this purpose.

What makes Lending via BLOX so special is that these coins remain available to trade. Suppose I have 1 bitcoin in my BLOX vault and I decide to lend it out because I want to make some extra return. Then I can decide a minute later that I want to sell 0.1 BTC without having to turn off Lend again or shift balances to do so. I simply sell 0.1 BTC and the amount I lend out now and earn returns on will adjust for you to 0.9 BTC.

What can you earn? An example:

Imagine this: you want to start Lending your bitcoin, and bitcoin has an annual return rate of 1.5% in this example. Below we show you what you can then roughly expect! Please note that this is only an example. Remuneration rates are affected by foreseen and unforeseen market conditions and can change periodically.

Amount of Bitcoin (in euros)
Annual reward

The benefits of crypto Lending

We understand that it can all sound a bit complicated. That's why we summarise the benefits of crypto lending at BLOX for you:

  • Earn up to 5% annualised returns
  • Turn Lending on or off per coin at any time
  • Your coins remain available to trade during lending
  • Your return is paid out weekly in the app

What are the differences between Lending and Staking?

Lending is not the same as staking crypto within BLOX. Although you can get returns from your crypto holdings with both forms, they work slightly differently. When staking crypto, you make your coins available for validating the transactions being carried out on the blockchain. You thereby contribute to verifying that the transactions can be recorded on the blockchain. With Lending, the crypto coins are lent to a third party that uses them for its business activities. What is the same, however, is that with both revenue models, we have carefully researched the parties that make it possible to offer this.

What are the risks of Lending?

BLOX has carefully researched Lending, its risks and how best and most securely to offer Lending to its users. In doing so, BLOX has minimised the risks of Lending. However, Lending is not risk-free. Read more about the risks here.

Start with BLOX Lending

Starting crypto Lending at BLOX? You can do this at any time! Here's how it works:

  • Open BLOX (or download the app if you didn't already have it)
  • Go to the 'Earn' tab. See which coins you can lend or tap 'continue'.
  • Go through the brief explanation of the risks of Lending carefully!
  • Tap 'read more' or continue to lending.
  • Activate the Lending of your coins in the Lending menu

Frequently asked questions

How much you can earn with crypto Lending depends entirely on your deposit and the crypto currency you choose. And the course of exchange rates can also affect your return. Therefore, always check in advance what your investment can yield in a given situation.

The big advantage of crypto Lending at BLOX? With us, you don't have to have your coins fixed (as is common on crypto exchanges). So you can always access your cryptos and can sell them whenever you want. You don't notice anything, except of course the weekly payment of your returns.

Activating Lending in the BLOX app is incredibly easy: open the app and go to the 'Earn' tab. Then click on each coin to activate Lending for that coin. While doing so, carefully go through the accompanying information on crypto Lending, so you are always well prepared!

Yes! The premise within BLOX is that your coins are not fixed while Lending. Do you want to sell your coins or stop Lending? No problem! You can do this at any time as your coins will remain accessible.

Crypto Lending is done safely at BLOX. You can sell your crypto at any time, even when using Lending. Money from your vault can only go to your bank account linked to your BLOX account. Want to know more about what we've done to make Lending as secure as possible at BLOX? Read more here.