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Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol: everything you need to know about OGN

Axel van den Boogaard

Axel has been immersing himself in the world of crypto and blockchain for quite some time, which he then translates into understandable articles.

Origin Protocol facts




Trading platform


Joshua Fraser, Matthew Liu




InterPlanetary File System

Launch date

October 2018

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What is Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol is a cryptocurrency that is building a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform. This platform encompasses various markets, including e-commerce, NFTs, and other services. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to manage payments, identity, and reputation.

The goal of Origin Protocol is to empower individuals and communities by enabling decentralized trade and peer-to-peer interactions, without intermediaries or companies.

How does Origin Protocol work?

Origin Protocol (OGN) was designed as a decentralized platform for buying and selling goods and services without intermediaries like traditional online marketplaces. After a few years of building a decentralized e-commerce platform, Origin refocused its platform on NFTs and the unique experiences they can enable. Origin created a marketplace called NFT Launchpad to simplify the issuance of NFTs and give more control to creators. The platform uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to execute transactions securely, efficiently, and transparently.

The platform facilitates peer-to-peer transactions: direct user-to-user interaction without intermediaries and at minimal costs. Users connect with sellers and buyers globally through the platform and make payments using cryptocurrencies like OGN. The platform has built-in mechanisms to prevent fraud and resolve disputes.

Furthermore, the Origin Protocol platform allows developers to build custom decentralized marketplaces using Origin technology. Developers can create and manage their own marketplaces using the tools and features of the Origin protocol. For example, a marketplace can be created for trading specific types of goods or services.

The OGN token serves as the native cryptocurrency of the Origin protocol and is used to facilitate transactions on the platform. The token also has a governance function, where OGN holders can vote on important decisions related to the platform.

The OGN token

The OGN token is a utility token that enables the functions of the protocol. Its primary function is to facilitate transactions on the platform and connect buyers and sellers within the network.

Users conducting transactions on the Origin platform pay transaction fees in OGN tokens. The tokens are then distributed to various parties, including node operators, relayers, and marketplace operators.

Additionally, the OGN token serves as a reputation mechanism on the platform. Users stake their OGN tokens to build trust within the network and secure their transactions. The OGN token also has a governance function within the platform. Token holders can propose and vote on significant decisions related to the protocol, such as upgrading the software or adjusting the token economy.

The OGN token is based on the Ethereum network and is an ERC-20 token. The total supply of OGN is limited to 1 billion tokens.

The Technology Behind OGN

The technology behind OGN is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and smart contracts enable decentralized trade. The key technical aspect of OGN is the Origin platform architecture, which consists of several layers:

  • Ethereum Layer: The bottom layer of the Origin architecture consists of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. Transactions and payments are recorded and executed using OGN tokens here.
  • IPFS Layer: The second layer of the Origin architecture uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to enable decentralized storage of information. Data and images of various items on the Origin platform are stored here.
  • Off-chain Layer: The third layer of the Origin architecture includes all processes and data that are not executed directly on the blockchain, such as reviews, identities, and user transaction histories.

All these layers together make Origin Protocol a decentralized e-commerce platform that is secure, fast, and scalable. Additionally, Origin Protocol also supports other blockchains, such as the xDai chain and the Binance Smart Chain.

The Origin Protocol ecosystem

The Origin Protocol ecosystem is a decentralized marketplace comprising various components, including buyers, sellers, developers, and the OGN token. Sellers can offer their products or services and get paid in OGN tokens. Developers can build applications and services on the Origin protocol to extend the functionality of their applications. The OGN token is used to facilitate transactions and create trust between buyers and sellers, as well as to reward developers for their contributions to the network. The Origin protocol serves as the technical foundation of the ecosystem and supports applications and services aimed at improving the user experience and adoption of the Origin ecosystem.


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Benefits of Origin Protocol

What are the advantages of Origin Protocol that make OGN popular among investors?

  • Low transaction costs.
  • Extensive reward system.
  • An experienced team behind the platform with industry expertise.
  • A large and active global community.
  • Support from major established investors.

Drawbacks of Origin Protocol

Like any other coin, Origin Protocol also has areas for improvement. What should you consider when investing in OGN?

  • Limit on the amount that can be sent.
  • High competitive pressure.
  • Relatively low awareness and adoption.

Who is the founder of Origin Protocol?

The founding team of Origin Protocol was led by Joshua Fraser and Matthew Liu. Joshua Fraser has a background in startup development and previously worked on a marketing automation platform called Torchlite. Matthew Liu gained experience at companies like YouTube and Google.

Price forecasts

In 2026 experts expect a minimal price of €0.4200 and a minimal price of €1.40 in 2031.

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