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Staking reward update

Hi trader,

As you know, it is possible to stake multiple coins with BLOX. With this, annual rewards between 1-15% can be achieved. This therefore makes it a very popular service within BLOX.

With staking, you roughly have two options:

  1. Flexible staking
  2. Locked staking

With flexible staking we mean that you can unstake your coins at any time. So they are not fixed for a certain period of time. With locked staking, this is the case. With this, you lock your coins for a period of 30 days, for example. Within that period, you cannot unstake your coins. As you can probably imagine, the rewards are normally a lot higher with locked staking.

Crypto is often complicated enough as it is. At BLOX, we therefore want to make everything as simple as possible. Locked staking doesn't fit into that picture for now. So you can unstake the coins you staking at BLOX at any time.

For flexible staking, we work with several partners. We have concluded that the interest rates of some coins they are offering differ from the rates we offer you in the app. As a result, we have to frequently review the staking reward rates of those same coins within BLOX so that we can continue to offer you this service.

Below you can see the most current staking reward rates on an annual basis

Annual staking reward rates

We are confident that we can increase these rates again in the near future. Should this happen, we will of course inform you inmediately.

Kind regards,