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The Graph

The Graph: everything you need to know about GRT

Axel van den Boogaard

Axel has been immersing himself in the world of crypto and blockchain for quite some time, which he then translates into understandable articles.

The Graph facts






Yaniv Tal, Jannis Pohlmann, Brandon Ramirez




Proof of Stake

Launch date

December 2020

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What is The Graph?

The Graph is an open-source protocol that allows users to index and search data on decentralized networks, such as blockchains. The protocol efficiently stores, queries, and analyzes large volumes of data within these networks.

The goal of The Graph is to democratize and decentralize access to data, enabling developers to easily build decentralized data sources and applications using blockchain data. The Graph is built on a token economy that rewards users and node operators for their contributions to the network.

How does The Graph work?

The Graph operates as a decentralized network that allows users to search and analyze data stored on various blockchain networks. The network uses "subgraphs" to index and query specific datasets. These subgraphs are created by developers and are used to retrieve and analyze data for various applications, including decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi). The Graph aims to simplify and democratize the use of blockchain data to promote the adoption of decentralized technologies.

The GRT token

The GRT token is designed to incentivize the development of the decentralized network of the blockchain indexing service. The GRT token is used to govern and manage the network. Node operators, developers, and curators are rewarded with GRT tokens for providing services on the network.

  • Node Operators: They perform the indexing service on the network and receive GRT tokens for processing user queries.
  • Developers: They earn GRT tokens by building subgraphs and other applications that support the ecosystem.
  • Curators: Curators earn GRT tokens by assessing and improving the quality of subgraphs.

The total supply of GRT tokens is fixed at 10 billion and is gradually distributed through a mechanism known as Proof of Stake. This means that token holders can stake their GRT tokens as collateral to vote on network improvement proposals. The more GRT tokens staked, the greater the likelihood of a proposal being approved, and the higher the reward for the voting party. This encourages active participation and contribution to the network.

The Technology Behind GRT

The technology behind GRT is built on Ethereum and provides a decentralized infrastructure for indexing and querying blockchain data. The protocol consists of three key components: the indexer, the curator, and the query engine.

  • Indexer: Indexers index blockchain data and update subgraphs on the blockchain. Subgraphs are data sets optimized for specific applications and can be created by developers. Indexers are paid with GRT tokens for their work.
  • Curators: Curators are users who validate subgraphs and perform quality checks on the data collected by indexers. They are also paid with GRT tokens for their work.
  • Query Engine: The query engine is the interface that allows users to access data stored in subgraphs. It uses a query language based on GraphQL, enabling developers to easily perform complex searches.

The Graph ecosystem

The Graph ecosystem is an efficient, decentralized protocol for searching and analyzing blockchain data, enabling the development of new applications and services based on this data. The Graph ecosystem comprises various components and participants:

  • Indexers: Those who use the protocol to create and host subgraphs, enabling efficient searching of data from the blockchain. Indexers are rewarded with GRT tokens for their work.
  • Curators: Those who validate and approve the quality of subgraphs to ensure that only reliable and relevant information is available. Curators also earn GRT tokens.
  • Query Users: Users who use the protocol to search and analyze data. They pay a fee in GRT tokens to access this data.
  • GRT Token: The native cryptocurrency of The Graph ecosystem, used as a means of payment for indexers, curators, and query users. It is also used as a governance tool, as token holders have voting rights over the network's future development.
  • Subgraphs: Datasets created and hosted by indexers, controlled by curators. They contain data extracted from the blockchain and are structured for easy searching.


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Benefits of The Graph

What are the advantages of The Graph that attract investors to the platform?

  • Acts as a bridge between dApps and blockchain data
  • Focuses on efficient application development
  • Offers a vast index of relevant and usable blockchain data
  • Efficient data processing capabilities
  • Suitable for building various types of applications

Drawbacks of The Graph

What drawbacks should investors consider when investing in The Graph?

  • Relatively limited interoperability with other platforms
  • Dependency on external data sources
  • Limited adoption and awareness

Who is the founder of The Graph?

The Graph (GRT) was founded by a trio consisting of Yaniv Tal, Jannis Pohlmann, and Brandon Ramirez. They had previously collaborated on various startups focused on creating tools for developers.

Price forecasts

In 2026 experts expect a minimal price of €0.6700 and a minimal price of €2.22 in 2031.

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24h volume

€45.7 million


€2.1 billion

GRT in circulation

9.5 billion

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