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Planning on hitting the jackpot with bitcoin cash? Only time will tell. The price of bitcoin cash is certainly going up fast. On December 16, 2018, bitcoin cash was only worth 68 euros, but times have definitely changed for the better.

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Historical Bitcoin Cash price

What is the rate of bitcoin cash on April 3, 2018? Quite an arbitrary date, but okay. You can look it up yourself using this nifty table. Go ahead, give it a try!

Date Price Volume Market Cap
20/03/2023 €128.14 €188,584,827 €2,480,581,822
19/03/2023 €122.35 €187,269,889 €2,365,227,533
18/03/2023 €126.31 €271,863,487 €2,439,574,596
17/03/2023 €119.73 €269,436,877 €2,316,845,535
16/03/2023 €117.03 €279,919,806 €2,262,087,174
15/03/2023 €122.40 €336,338,099 €2,370,585,030
14/03/2023 €118.43 €220,036,923 €2,292,280,531
Date Price Volume Market Cap

Follow the live bitcoin cash price

Bitcoin cash is still quite volatile. Its value could rise or drop a few hundred euros in the time you are reading this article. So investing in bitcoin cash is really exciting.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is that the bitcoin cash price changes every second. Unlike the traditional stock market, bitcoin cash always has a price. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There’s no open or closing price.

Are numbers your thing? Below you will find some statistics about the bitcoin cash price:

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Bitcoin Cash is a successful split of the mother of all cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin. After a hard fork, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash both went their own way, but they do share the same history of bitcoin. A hard fork is a split of the blockchain, the transaction network on which bitcoin runs.

Bitcoin cash originated from that hard fork on August 1, 2017. Since then a lot has happened regarding the bitcoin cash price, let’s take a look!

A brief overview of the bitcoin cash price

  • The arrival of Bitcoin Cash was announced at the end of July 2017 and that’s when the speculating began. Even though bitcoin cash wasn't even on the market yet, it was already worth 500 dollars (448 euros) on July 24. Think of it as pre-ordering your favorite game. You couldn't buy bitcoin cash just yet.

  • On August 1, 2017, bitcoin cash originated and was released to the market. Almost immediately after, the value quickly dropped to 274 euros.

  • Just one day later the price bounced back up again to 628 euros, a true rollercoaster.


How is the bitcoin cash price established?

The bitcoin cash price is simply determined by supply and demand. Buyers and sellers find each other on online cryptocurrency exchanges. The price of bitcoin cash is adjusted based on supply and demand. This is done in real-time, every second of the day.

An increase or decrease in demand could be caused by several factors, like the news for example. Bitcoin Cash has a loyal and strong community that actively responds to the latest news from their favorite cryptocurrency.

Good news can therefore cause the price to increase. For example, in April 2018 an upgrade of Bitcoin Cash was announced. Part of the upgrade were larger transaction blocks. Investors became very enthusiastic about the update which sparked a price increase of no less than a thousand euros.

On the flip side, bad news usually causes the price to drop. In November of 2018, Bitcoin Cash split into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. This new hard fork created a lot of uncertainty within the community, which caused the price to fall from 500 euros to 68 euros. Being a crypto trader sure requires some nerves of steel!

Our tip: only invest an amount that you are willing to lose

Sounds familiar? Yes, you probably heard it in some trendy commercials as well. But we mean it.

We recommend only to invest an amount that you can afford to lose. The price of bitcoin cash is still quite volatile which means you could earn a lot of money, but you could lose it just the same. At the same time, we believe that an investment in bitcoin cash is one of the most interesting ones you could do.

Therefore we recommend to do your own research. Read news articles. Discover how bitcoin cash works. Experiment with large blocks (not including Duplo). And who knows, maybe you will help everyone with purchasing bitcoin cash on the next family event you attend!

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Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin cash are still in their infancy. Therefore you need relatively little money to get the bitcoin cash price moving. Are more people trading bitcoin cash? Then the price eventually becomes more stable.