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Verasity coin of the week:

Prize pool of 10.000 dollars in VRA in BLOX

Verasity is the BLOX coin of the week! We won't let this go unnoticed, which is why we are organising an exciting prize promotion together with Verasity.

A prize pool of nearly 2 million VRA has been made available, representing approximately a value of $10,000. This will be distributed to all VRA holders who buy and hold VRA during the promotion period. Read below for more information!


What does the Verasity promotion entail?

This is what we call a "Buy and Hold" promotion. The first requirement is that you buy VRA on BLOX between February 12 09:00 am and February 18 11:59 pm. This is the "Buy" phase.

This is followed by the "Hold" phase. You must hold the purchased VRA until at least February 19 00:00 am. At that time, our system will take a snapshot of your VRA balance.

It does not matter when you purchase VRA, as long as it falls within that time period. If you sell your VRA before the snapshot is taken, you are no longer eligible to participate.

How do you buy VRA in BLOX?

This is how it works:

  • Open BLOX (or download the app if you don't have it already)
  • Go to the 'Market' tab and click on VRA.
  • Buy the VRA coin. You can already do this starting from 1 euro.
  • You're done! Now make sure you hold it until at least February 19 to claim a share of the prize pool.

How will the prize pool be distributed?

VRA has allocated nearly 2 million tokens for this promotion. Participants who fulfil the promotion conditions will receive a share of this pot. The distribution will be determined based on the number of VRA tokens you have in your BLOX vault at 00:00 on February 19. The more VRA you buy, the bigger the share of the prize pot you will receive. Coin distribution will take place on February 19 and will be displayed in your BLOX safe.

For more information, view the conditions.