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Conditions Coin of the week - VRA

BLOX B.V., in collaboration with Verasity, is organising a promotional offer that sees Verasity during the week of February 12 2024 to February 18 2024 as part of Coin of the week. Among all users who purchase VRA during this promotional period and fulfil the conditions, 1,957,024 VRA tokens will be distributed. The terms and conditions for this promotion are detailed below:

Core of the promotion:

  • Among all (verified) users who made a purchase of VRA within BLOX's platform between February 12 (09:00:00) and February 18 (23:59:59) and
  • hold these VRA tokens within their BLOX account on February 19 2024 00:00:00


1,957,024 VRA will be distributed (Promotion Package). To distribute the Promotion Package, on February 19 00:00:00, all VRA tokens meeting the promotion conditions will be considered and a pro rata distribution will take place.

  • Only VRA buy transactions made during the promotional period will be included in the calculation of the number of VRA tokens. Transactions outside the promotional period will therefore not be included in the pro rata distribution the Promotional Package;
  • Purchased VRA tokens remain tradable. Only tokens held on February 19 2024 will be included in the calculation of the pro rata distribution of the Promotion Package.
  • The tokens will be automatically added to the BLOX account during February 19 2024 after which they will be freely tradable.

A highly simplified example of the pro rata distribution of the Promotion Package:

If the Promotional Package consists of 1000 tokens

During the promotion, there are

40 users who bought 50 tokens and

10 people bought and held 200 tokens,

then there are 4000 tokens meeting the promotion conditions.

Each token then represents 0.25 tokens (1000/4000). 50 tokens owners will receive 12.5 tokens and 200 tokens owners will receive 50 more tokens. 


  • This promotion is only open to BLOX users who have reached the age of 18 at the time of the promotion, excluding Belgian and British users
  • Participants must have a verified BLOX account, i.e. identity verification successfully completed.
  • Participation in this promotion is free of charge
  • Participants must act in accordance with the User Agreement
  • BLOX determines whether and to what extent users comply with the promotion conditions. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the design, content and outcome of this promotion.
  • BLOX may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, modify or amend these terms and conditions during the promotion.
  • BLOX has the right to exclude a user from the promotion if it appears that the participant has provided inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information, is in breach of one or more provisions of these terms and conditions, the BLOX user agreement or in any way commits, attempts to commit fraud or misuses the Promotion.
  • In relation to participation in the Promotion, its consequences and implementation, the participant waives any (legal) claim against BLOX, partners, sponsors and employees directly or indirectly involved in the organisation of the Promotion.
  • BLOX and its partners cannot be held liable for technical failures and/or defects. BLOX accepts no liability for any technical problems or issues that may affect the final outcome of the promotion.

●      BLOX reserves the right, in the event of force majeure, to suspend, terminate or modify the promotion at any time and not to pay out all or part of the Promotional Package. Force majeure shall in any case include the declaration of bankruptcy of the partner and/or sponsor of a prize or the application for suspension of payments by this partner and/or sponsor.

●      Cryptocurrencies are volatile, Participant is aware that large price fluctuations can occur within cryptocurrencies and is responsible for reading up on specific cryptocurrencies and weighing up the purchase of a cryptocurrency.

●      BLOX only processes personal data for this Promotion to the extent necessary for the implementation of this Promotion.

●      The Promotion is subject to the Privacy Statement as published on https://weareblox.com/nl-nl/privacyverklaring.


  • If the participant has a complaint in connection with the Promotion, he/she can submit it in writing to BLOX B.V., Kerkenbos 1025, 6546 BB Nijmegen for the attention of organisation Coin of the week.


These terms and conditions and the promotion are governed by Dutch law. All disputes in connection herewith shall be submitted to the competent court of the statutory seat of BLOX.

If one or more of the terms and conditions described above are annulled or found to be void, this shall not affect the other terms and conditions.