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Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that started it all… Sometimes we forget that the coin is already ten years old! It sure has a long history. This might make you think it’s too late to start buying bitcoin now, but you couldn’t be more wrong. If bitcoin is here for the long run, you’re still an early bird, and with BLOX you can easily join the club.

Hopefully we’ve provided you with all the info you need to start buying bitcoin. Like a wise man once said, the best day to buy bitcoin was yesterday, but the second best day is today.


Our provided information does not function as investment advice of any kind. Trading digital currencies bares a significant risk, and never provides a guaranteed profit. Always do your own research and carefully consider your investments. It may sound cliche, but we live by it: never invest more than you are able to lose!

Frequently asked questions

Buying bitcoin is very easy using your smartphone. Simply download the BLOX app for Apple or Android and purchase your bitcoin in just a minute!

Selling bitcoin is just as easy as buying is. You simply use your smartphone and sell the coins you purchased previously with BLOX.

BLOX is the all-in-one app where you can buy, sell and manage your bitcoin from. Download BLOX for Android or iPhone and you can buy bitcoin everywhere.

You can decide for yourself what the best moment to buy bitcoin is. Use BLOX to check the bitcoin price whenever you please. Spotted a nice opportunity? With BLOX you’re just 10 seconds away from a trade.