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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? Then first check if it's listed below, and who knows, you might already find the answer! For more knowledge about crypto, it is also worth taking a look at our cryptopedia. But of course you can always contact us, we don't bite.

Creating and managing an account is completely free! We don't charge anything for deposits and withdrawals.

When buying or selling cryptocurrency's within the app we charge a fee of 1%. This is stated before you confirm the purchase or sale.


Did you add credits using a bank transfer? Then your IBAN is already known to us. In that case you go to Credit and click on Withdraw euros. Fill in how much credit you would like to have paid out. Select your IBAN and click on Withdraw.

Have you deposited with Visa or Bancontact before? Then your IBAN is not yet known. Make a one-time transfer of at least 0.01 euro. Go to Credit and choose Deposit euros. Fill in 0,01 euro and click on Choose payment method. Use a bank transfer to complete the payment. Then follow the steps in the first paragraph.




A bank transfer takes 1 to 2 working days to process.

As soon as the amount has been credited to your vault, you can use it to invest.

Note: Depositing for the first time, or using a new account? If so, we will manually check once whether the bank account is in your own name. This is done within 24 hours.

Crypto is for everyone, so you can buy from as little as 1 euro!
Depositing and withdrawing can also be done from 1 euro.

After registering an account you can deposit up to 250 euro. Do you want a higher limit? Then choose to have your identity verified.

   24 hours  31 days
 Account registration  250 euros  250 euros
 Identity verification  10,000 euros  50,000 euros

Have you reached the maximum limit, but do you want to deposit more? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Other questions

We're here for you! Call us, send an email or chat with us from the BLOX app.

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