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Looking for an oldie but goodie when it comes to crypto? Then stick around, we’ll tell you all about the ethereum classic price.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been around for almost five years now, and it has been in the top 20 of most valuable cryptocurrencies the entire time! Definitely a coin worth keeping an eye on.

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Here you can see the historic course of ethereum classic. A handy overview where you can adjust the range yourself. Compare days, weeks, months or even years with each other.

A civil war within a year

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic used to be one and the same. Both went their own way in July 2016, but until that time they shared the same price and the same history.

If you check out our Ethereum Price page, you will see that the very first block of the joint blockchain dates back to July 30, 2015. Ethereum classic got its value after the hard fork when the Ethereum blockchain split in Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

The reason behind the split was a disagreement about how to deal with the infamous DAO hack.
DAO is short for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization.” Investors could deposit money on the DAO and get a return on DAO's investments. In the end, 133 million euros was raised in ether. However, someone found loopholes in the DAO smart contract, and a lot of ether were stolen.

The Ethereum Foundation decided that the code of the smart contract was no longer valid, and that the money that was sent to the DAO needed to be reversed. This decision led to a heated argument in the Ethereum community and ultimately resulted in a hard fork. Ethereum Classic originated from this hard fork. Ethereum Classic follows the old blockchain, including the hack and the loss of ethers. Ethereum on the other hand continues as if this never happened, in order to successfully continue its project .

What does the ethereum classic history look like?

  • Right after the hard fork on June 20, 2016, one ETC was worth approximately 1.20 euros.

  • Not long after, the price tripled! On August 2, ETC’s value increased to 3.22 euros.

  • When November came around, the coin was only worth 60 cents. A perfect time for investors to get on board.




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What will the ETC price do next?

Back in 2017, many ICOs and apps were running on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a chance that many of these projects will switch to ethereum classic in order to save costs. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic have the same code, but it’s a lot cheaper to use ETC.

And anyone who wants to use the Ethereum Classic blockchain will need ETC. If ICOs and apps switch, this will lead to an increased demand for ETC, which could mean the price will rise.

Please note, this is purely speculation. Our advice is to rely solely on your own research before you buy ethereum classic. Invest wisely, and only with money you can afford to lose.

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To buy ETC, you simply charge your credit with a payment method of your choice, for example a bank transfer or a credit card.

Open BLOX, click the Euro icon, and charge your credit. You can do this for 1 EUR or more, whatever you prefer. As soon as your credit is charged, you can buy ethereum classic.

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Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic are still in their infancy. Therefore you need relatively little money to get the Ethereum Classic price moving. Are more people trading Ethereum Classic? Then the price eventually becomes more stable.