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Good old Dash, the altcoin that’s been around since 2014 already. With its dynamic price movements, it’s the perfect coin for daredevils such as yourself. Check out the prices of a year, a month, or a day. Whatever you want, you’re in control.

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What was the Dash price on 1 May 2018? Good question! Enter any date or period below and check out the daily prices, the trading volume, and the market cap of Dash.

Follow the Dash Price Movements

Dash may be an oldie, but that doesn't mean its price movements are boring. Quite the opposite! In recent years, the price may have dropped a bit since the top of 1,390 euros, but Dash is still in the top 25 crypto coins. In short, Dash can't be ignored.

Dash aims to enable lightning-fast payments with minimal transaction costs. And the best thing is, the coin is actually being used for this. According to Coin Rivet, there are over 2,500 shops in Venezuela alone that accept Dash as a means of payment.

But of course there is also a lot of speculation with Dash. The fierce price movements attract many traders, and rightly so. If you pick the right time to buy, you can make quite the profit.

You could write a whole book about the price movements of Dash, but let’s stick with a quick overview for now.

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Dash Price in Short

  • Dash originated in January 2014. On Valentine’s Day, the coin was worth 0.23 euro.

  • On 17 February 2014, Dash exceeded 1.00 euro for the first time.

  • Multiply that by thirteen, and you have the Dash price in May 2014.

  • But, what goes up must come down... In August 2014, one Dash was worth 1.39 euro.

Only Invest an Amount You’re Willing to Lose

Be careful, cryptocurrencies remain a risky investment. You can make money, but you can just as easily lose it. Keep your cool and do your own research. If you never invest more than you’re willing and able to lose, things can only get better.

How to purchase DASH in four easy steps

Reading this page on your computer? Grab your phone and look for ‘BLOX crypto trading’ in the App Store or on Google Play. Already on your phone? Even better, just click one of the buttons on the top of this page.

Use your email address to create an account. Not too psyched to share your email address [email protected]? You can also use your social media account to register. No worries, we won’t post anything on your pages.

When you do log in with your email address, make sure to create a strong password; one that no one in the entire world is able to crack. But you know, no pressure.

Read the terms and conditions and click ‘Accept’. You’ll receive an email with a confirmation link. Click it, and you’re almost done!

The next step is topping up your credit in order to buy Dash. Click the Euro icon to start, and charge your account with a bank transfer or credit card. Now, let’s get started!

Now the real fun starts. Click the lower left button to check out the markets, and choose ‘Dash’. Spotted the perfect buying window? Simply click ‘Buy’.

Let’s go!

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FAQ Dash price

The dash price changes every second of the day. In just the blink of an eye, the price can be completely different. There is no such thing as a closing price, as dash is traded on online exchanges which operate 24/7. Follow the live dash price here.

We can help you with that! Just use our nifty tables and graphs to predict the dash price. Or use your crystal ball, whatever floats your boat. Check out the live dash price on this page.

In 2020 the influx of new bitcoin has been halved. Does the demand remain the same? Then you can expect a rising price! Check out the current dash price here.

Cryptocurrencies such as dash are still in their infancy. Therefore you need relatively little money to get the dash price moving. Are more people trading dash? Then the price eventually becomes more stable.